6 Costly Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make In Their Career Summary

6 Mistakes affiliate marketers make and how to avoid them for success.

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Article Body: It’s always one of those I can’t believe it’s true moments for new affiliates once they discover the world of affiliate marketing.

When they realize you don’t have to worry about product development or shipping. They immediately jump on board, forgetting to perform their due diligence on the company they are joining.

Then soon afterwards they expect to start making money within weeks of starting, but reality always strikes. They are yet to be millionaires. Here are some mistakes and tips on how to avoid them

Lack Of Patience

 Patience is a Virtue like they say. It took years for MacDonald’s to be a successful; it took years for Microsoft and other big companies to take off to success.

In fact most business takes up to 5 years to start seeing profit. Treating your affiliate business as a real business is important. Super affiliates that earn $20,000 a month took years to get to that point. Research a program before signing up. Commit to stick it out.

If they offer guides and training take advantage of it. Update and maintain your site with fresh contents. Don’t jump ship when the going gets tough.

Too Many Programs

Avoid the temptation to subscribe to too many programs. When the going gets tough, it’s easy to think the grass is greener on the other side.

The problem about subscribing to too many programs at the same time is that you’ll fail to give them the attention and focus they deserve to make you money.

I recommend two or three programs at the same time to enable you to turn your hard work into cash.

Wrong Choice Of Program

 When it comes to choosing affiliate programs, choose the ones that have a generous commission structure, and that pay their affiliates easily and on time.

Have affiliate products that fit in with your target audience. Choosing programs that offer products that might not interest people means no commission or money for you.

If you join a program that offers products that are hot you will be competing with thousands of others who are promoting the same product. Choose a niche you KNOW information about! Check the profitability of that niche.

Generalized Marketing

 Focus on Niche Marketing: Focus on a tiny niche, the tinier and narrower that niche is, the better. Try improving on a single key aspect of your business at a time.

Putting your efforts in one of two ways will help you achieve your affiliate program goals. Try getting people to join your list. Then keep in touch with them by sending out valuable info.

 Organic Traffic Only

Another mistake most affiliates make is the idea of generating only organic traffic. This form of traffic that is naturally generated by a website, is a myth.

There is no such thing! Organic traffic is the one that is created by the website naturally. This concept is nothing but a fairy tale story and this is not a reality.

Link Exposure

 Hiding your affiliate link on your website is crucial nowadays. Most affiliate marketers still make the mistake of making their links visible.

The truth is that internet users have become more sophisticated and the honest truth is that most web users won’t click on an affiliate link or anything that looks like it.

You’ve got to learn how to hide your affiliate links to ensure click through’s. Also, stories of people’s affiliate links being changed to divert traffic has happened and is still happening.


There are many big mistakes made by affiliates that can be easily avoided, but these are just a few of them. However, making mistakes in business is inevitable and important. I recommend failing and making mistakes fast and early in your business rather than learning from them. This would move you forward towards success.

Work From Home

Work From Home

The future of work from home is remote or telecommuting work. It’s the new face of job-sharing and it’s very flexible. Basically there two classification of this type of work. Your are either a employee or not.

My focus will be on being a freelancer or an independent contractor.

Step 1 should be: Know your Why? One of the most important things you need to know. When you want to make money from home is why you’re doing it.

Figure out your approach and decide how much time you will put towards starting it. Plus what type of product or service you will perform. You will need to have some seed money to start with and don’t give up.

Affiliate Marketing

When first starting out affiliate marketing is a good choice. Low start up costs with many of them being free. You will just need a smart phone to promote whatever the service or product they have.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others. Earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make and no customer service required.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it takes a commitment of time and money to make it a real business. Do thorough research before you jump on the affiliate-marketing bandwagon.

 Traditional advertisements and selling your own products can help if your affiliate-marketing revenue dries up.

Work from home
Working from home maybe challenging

Your Office

You’ll probably work from home if you work remotely. But that doesn’t mean you have to have fill a corner of your living room.  With a clunky desk, a huge monitor, and an ugly rolling chair.

You can fit your office wherever it fits in your life. I’ve heard about a remote worker who uses there kitchen breakfast bar.  As a standing desk (all those health benefits with no investment!).

 Another approach is to converted part of your bedroom closet into a “hidden” office.  This way you can just shut the work door away at the end of the day.

And you’re not tied to your home, either. That doesn’t mean you’re only other location will be the coffee shop around the corner.  You can take care of your job while traveling, hanging out at the airport, Dentist or Dr office

Your Schedule

A lot of the work that can be done remotely nowadays can also be done on a flexible schedule. So, night owls, rejoice! You can still put in your eight hours without starting at 8 AM.

Because you don’t have colleagues just a few feet away or a tech team one floor down. You’ll find yourself developing the skill of looking for your own answers. Those becoming more proactive to find what you need on your own.

And you’ll also end up with some skills simply because you need them to work well remotely. For example, you’ll probably notice that you’re writing more clear and concise emails.

working from home
Work from home and relaxing.

Save Money

Of course you’ll see an immediate difference in your bank account. When you don’t need to bear the costs of commuting.

But you’ll also find savings in other areas. You won’t have to force yourself into a suit and polished shoes anymore. If that’s not your style—no more separate wardrobes for work and for the rest of your life!

And you can also save on food costs since you’ll easily be able to whip up your own lunch and coffee if you work from home.

More Focused

You can work from home and with some willpower and a steady routine, you’ll soon learn to avoid being distracted by the TV or your next load of laundry.

And, in fact, you should find yourself getting more done when you work remotely. That’s because you can control your working situation much more.